Interesting snippets!

A Furtive Snoop into our Background

I grew up in what was a very small (in the ‘50’s, 60’s) village - Wainscott, near Rochester, Kent, born and bred a Kentish Man. and remained in the area for some sixty-plus years during which time I met and married Maria who was a native of Spain, she grew up in Nigran close to Vigo in Pontevedra. This region of Spain is popularly known as Galicia - which is particularly well known for its wide variety of seafood.

I retired in 1997 from the MoD, the Official Secrets Act prevents me from discussing the importantly diverse work, I and colleagues undertook on behalf of the Services.

After six months of respite, I decided that I would like to do some part-time work. So I joined the staff in an old folk’s home (80+ beds) helping the maintenance guy with odd jobs, taking the folks out in the home's mini-bus on shopping trips, theatre trips and outings to the coast etc. The 12 hours per week suited me perfectly, though I was soon working 30 hours a week – I had taken on the role of Staff Fire Training Officer coupled with other training and ancillary roles within the nursing home. So, 12 years on I felt it was time to retire altogether and go out with a bang, which I did on the 5th November 2010.

We then both decided it was now time to settle somewhere quiet and peaceful - Broadstairs it was to be!

Our relatives are widespread, Australia, Canada, Alaska, Spain and closer to home; East Sussex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Nottinghamshire, London and North West Highlands in Scotland! We moved to Broadstairs at the end of November 2010.

When I'm not out and about or in the garden/garage pottering, I'm probably in the kitchen baking. I bake white/brown bread frequently - without using a breadmaker! Cheese and fruit scones along with rock cakes are always in demand.

I do love to dabble on the computer designing many things in Illustrator and Photoshop and of course our website which I’m in the process of re-vamping currently (Oct 2020). I work with various software applications creating useful medication forecasting apps among many other things that prove useful.

In my spare time, I'm involved with our surgery's 'Patient Participation Group' (PPG) having been chairman for a year or two? I also take part in Thanet CCG Health Reference Group meetings with other like-minded PPG chairmen. Also involved directly and indirectly with Kent Kidney Patients Association having been a secretary for a spell. I was involved in a research project that was undertaken to discover more about the experience of older people, over 70, in making a choice about which form of dialysis to take, or whether to opt for conservative care. Film link here.
The project commenced in October 2014 under the auspices of Dr Nicola Thomas, Associate Professor in Kidney Care at the LSBU (London South Bank University), and two Nurse Consultants, one from Barts Health NHS Trust and Karen Jenkins from East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust whom we've known for many years.

Broadstairs is a tranquil town on the east Kent coast between Margate and Ramsgate on the Isle of Thanet. It is often referred to as the 'Jewel in Thanet's Crown'. Broadstairs is fringed with seven bays; Botany Bay, Kingsgate Bay, Joss Bay, and Stone Bay all lie to the east of the town. Viking Bay is the main beach at Broadstairs, Louisa Bay and Dumpton Gap lie to the west of the town. The smallest of the towns in Thanet, Broadstairs is often referred to as a very 'mini Brighton' with its trendy cafes and pub scene overlooking Viking Bay.
There are ample opportunities for walking in and around the town, or if you feel energetic, you can go east to Margate and beyond or go west to Ramsgate and beyond. The walks are all on footpaths, the exception is between Joss and Kingsgate Bays where you have to walk in the road for about 100 meters. if as much as that! Part of this footpath shares the 'Viking Coastal Trail' a 27 mile (43.5km) cycle route on the Isle of Thanet which goes inland to Minster and St Nicholas-at-Wade. I have cycled this route in a little over 2 hours, however, that was on a good day!
Have to confess to not have ridden the bike for almost 10 months now - knee problem. Had hoped to get that sorted with a MonoVisc injection at the QEQM Hospital. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me so now the thought of surgery is bearing down on me rapidly, oh geez. Visited Benenden Hospital in June 2020 and following extensive discussion with the consultant I've decided to postpone surgery for as long as possible - watch this space.