Stephanie Morsley
(Daughter) Entered from Hamilton, Ontario

Happy Mother's Day, from me Stephanie. I love you so much and wish you were still here with me and dad and Alison and Adria, but I understand that you had to leave us for other reasons we all quite don't realize yet. I know you are happy with granddad and Beauty and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Miss you more than you know and love you even more. Have a great day.
xxoo love Stephanie

John Morsley
(Husband) Entered from Mississauga

My Darling Ann,
Today is Mother's day. We all love you, we all miss you, and we all wish you were here. Miss you. Love you, cherish you.
Your loving husband,
John xxxx

Alison Morsley
Morsley (Daughter) Entered from Mississauga (Home xx)

Dear Mummy,
It's been a couple of months since you left me, Stephanie, Adria and Dad for your journey to heaven. Some day’s it feels like just yesterday as the pain is so great, and at other times, it feels like an eternity, because I cannot hold your hand and give you a hug as I would do so every day. I miss you dearly and find it very hard to find the words to express how I feel. We have always shared great memories, reminiscing on the past, talking about the present and dreaming of the future together. I will continue to do so, sharing with you the adventures of my day, my insecurities and my dreams, xo
Today is Mother's Day - the first where I cannot be by your side, but I hope you know I have you in my heart, today and always. It has been a few firsts for me.....your birthday, my birthday, and now today....and there are many more to come. With those firsts, I know you are still there shining you love on us and watching us from heaven, and I will be thinking of you xo.
For Christmas 1995, you gave me a book. In that book, there was a poem that said "Daughters do wonderful things. Not the wonderful things you expected them to do. Different things. Astonishing things. Better than you ever dreamed." I often look at this poem (the book is always in my purse) and I think yes, very true, because I have the best, better than ever, dreamed of mum, whose love gives me the strength to get up every day and go out in the world and do those astonishing things.
Today, Adria, Stephanie, Dad and I celebrate YOU! We all love you, cherish you, and wish we could kiss and hug you. Happy Mother's Day xxxxxxxx :)
Miss you, Love you,
Alison xx

Adria Morsley
(Daughter) Entered from Richmond Hill

Today is Mother’s Day and it's the first mother's day since your passing. It's going to be a tough day knowing you are not here with us to celebrate the best mom in the world. The mom who was always there for us and always had our best interest at hearts. Pure love for her family. So kind and witty and loving. So full of spirit and so generous and genuine in heart. Although you cannot be here today with us I know you are with us in spirit and watching over us and celebrating with us from afar. You are truly missed every day not just today. I love you mom. We love you mom. Here are a couple of poems that I thought were nice and having meaning from all three of your daughters Alison, Stephanie and me Adria. With Daddy who misses you so dearly just know that we all love you so much and we will celebrate today and everyday your life and your motherhood. Xoxoxo. A couple of poems for you.

Every time that I smile,
Every time that I sigh,
I think of your face,
And a tear escapes my eye.

You were my world,
My inspiration and my heart,
But when you left me,
I thought I would fall apart.

You were my best friend,
My one true 'confidante',
And that's not all you were,
You were also my mom.

I didn't want to live without you,
But you would have wanted me to,
And if there's anyone I want to make happy,
That anyone is you.

I would have given anything to have you back,
But I know now that it was meant to be,
For you are still watching from up there,
And I know you're watching me.

I'll make you proud mom,
I'm going to fulfil your wish,
You're going to see me and smile,
That's a daughter's promise and you are always missed.

My Mother seems so far away from me,
On that beautiful white shore across the sea.
Yet I remember love's soft glow upon her face
And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.

When I am weary from the burdens I've borne,
And the path is unclear and I feel so forlorn,
I remember her loving support was always near,
And her advice made the path ahead seem clear.

When I feel there is no one who seems to care,
Or when the heartache seems too hard to bear,
I remember how she always stood by my side,
And would tenderly wipe away the tears I cried.

When there are moments of great joy and pride,
And I wish my mother was standing at my side,
I remember she saw more than I thought I could be,
And know I owe my triumphs to her belief in me.

When I reminisce about the things she used to say,
And I miss her and think she is so far away,
I remember what she gave lives on through me,
And one day I'll see her on the shore across the sea.



I was thinking about my mom just now and wanted to write her a message. I just want to say how much I miss you and love you. I think of you all the time. I try not to cry and stay strong. Sometimes I just want to let my emotions take over and let myself just let all the tears out but I try to stay strong. I smile and tell you I love you. I know you are here watching over us. I just want you to know that you will always be a part of me. Always be loved. Always be thought of. Always be in our hearts. You were an amazing mother. The best mother a mother could be and so much more. I love you so much with all my heart. Xoxo Forever and Always. Rest in peace mummy! Xoxoxoxoxoxo Love Adria and love from Sadie too. Xoxo ❤

Rosemary Evernden
(Aunt) Entered from England

We've shared lots of good times and laughter, family stories and our special feelings. You will be greatly missed, Ann. Peace be with you my love.
For John and the girls:
Thinking of you at this sad time.

John, Alison, Adria & Stephanie
(Husband, daughters) Entered from Mississauga

Mum would be oh so happy. Her service yesterday was celebrated by those near and far. In England, close family and friends followed along in service and remembered her wonderful life. In Canada, her 3 children Stephanie, Alison and Adria, husband John along with loving friends including her best friend Bonnie West, loving friends from her cherished TDC and EBTC (The Bay) workdays, the BOR family (HRSDC), neighbors, family friends and many more celebrated her life at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Erindale. It was a lovely service, just like mum and the flowers given in her memory were in abundance, creating her very own English garden. The Church was full of love and for those who could not attend; mum knew you were there in spirit. Thank you to each of you for being part of my mum’s life and celebrating her! Although she has left us, I do know she will visit all of you and will always hold a special place in heart for each and every one of you.
The Morsley Family xxxx

Alison Morsley
(Daughter) Entered from Mississauga

Dear Mummy,
You were loved, you are loved, you will always be loved! My memories of you will live with me forever. I hope you hear me, as I talk to you all the time. You may not be by my side, but I know you are in spirit. I will continue to share my daily updates of life, work and all the 'drama' you say follows me, so be patient as usual. I' will continue to hold your hand and squeeze your little finger as I always did. I will always say goodnight when I go to sleep and a good morning when I wake up. I know you are peaceful in heaven, and it’s beautiful, but I know you miss us too. Please keep a journal of all your adventures in Heaven as I want to hear all about it when I see you again. I miss you mum, more than you could ever know!!! You were my best friend, my life, my everything. You still are, just from afar!
Love Alison xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

Sue Masey
(Ena's carer) Entered from England

Ann was a lovely lady. Caring and considerate. A loving daughter. She will be missed. X

Tracey, Gareth and Josh Knight
(Niece) Entered from Hempstead, Kent, UK

We are all so saddened to hear of Ann's passing. Our special thoughts are with Uncle John, Alison, Adria and Stephanie at this heartbreaking time. We are so pleased that over the last few years the family grew strong again and renewed bonds were made and relationships strengthened.
Love to you all and we have blown a kiss to the Angels xxx

Andrea Rodrigues
(Worked with Ann (BOR)) Entered from Mississauga

I am very saddened to hear the news of Ann’s passing away. I worked with Ann at the BOR. She was a truly amazing person, kind, calm, and beautiful, both on the inside and outside. Her enthusiasm for life was phenomenal, whether it was work-related or planning her next trip to England! My deepest condolences to John, Alison and the family. May she rest in peace.

Luchi Gool
(Friend) Entered from Makham, Ontario

As I sit in heaven
And watch you every day
I try to let you know with signs
I never went away
I hear you when you're laughing
and watch you when you sleep
I even place my arms around you
To calm you as you weep
I see you wish the days away
Wishing I was back home
So I try and send you signs
So you know you are not alone
Don't feel sad that you have
The life that was taken from me
Heaven is truly beautiful
Just you wait and see
So live your life and laugh again
Enjoy yourself be free
So that I know that with every breath you take
You will be taking one for me.

I wish heaven had visiting hours
My deepest condolences on your loss.
With loving thoughts always,
Luchi and Kirk

Winnie Wong
(Classmate/Friend) Entered from Oakville

My deepest condolences on the loss of your family.
May God help your family through this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Claudette Harrison
(Friend) Entered from Mississauga

Ann had an infectious smile who would brighten anyone's day. We were neighbors for 20 years. Our sympathies to John and family. She will be truly missed.

Ottilia Owen
(Family friend) Entered

Dear Alison and Family,
My sincerest condolences. I wish you all strength and love during this very heartbreaking time. Your Mum was a wonderful elegant lady. She always reminded me of how to be a truly strong woman, with a lot of grace, laughter and calm. I was very lucky to have been touched by your family.
Wishing you peace, love and healing.
Love, Ottilia

Gregory Rodriguez
(Co-worker of Adria) Entered

Adria I'm really sorry for your loss and I hope you know that you have the support of all your co-workers and former co-workers in the night Club community. May your mother rest in peace and be welcomed into heaven. Feel free to contact me anytime.
Greg Rodriguez

The Knight Family
(Craig, Nivin, Ava & Sophie) (Friend) Entered from Waterdown

Our deepest condolences to the family. Our hearts are deeply saddened by your unexpected and sudden loss. May she rest in peace.

Laura Dilaurenzio
(Friend) Entered from Toronto

Ann is a wonderful and dear person who I was very lucky to have met. My sympathy goes out to the family.
Love Laura Dilaurenzio

Penny Johnston
(My best human resource manager ever at the Bay) Entered from Toronto

To John and family,
My heart goes out to you all at this difficult time in your lives. I met Ann at the Bay as my human resources manager, she was the epitome of HUMAN resources in every sense of the word. The door to her office was always open for everyone no matter what time and how busy she was she always found time to listen. Ann and I used to chat about our hair colour every Monday morning both being redheads we would be comparing our hair colour and dye a lot and chuckle.
Rest in peace Ann������������

Pat Crompton
(Friend and Co-Worker) Entered from Florida

Ann, I will miss your compassion and your infectious smile. You always gave your all to your family, friends and co-workers. Although we only saw each other at our yearly get together, I will forever remember you as my friend.
Rest in Peace Ann.

Roma Baker
(Ann was my HR Supervisor at HBC) Entered from Ajax

I am very sad about the news of Ann’s passing. My sympathy goes out to her family.

Gwen Mike and family
(Sister-in-law) Entered from Rochester, Kent England

We were so deeply saddened by the news it was such a shock. All we can say that we are thankful that we spent quality time with you last year as a family. It will take a long time to come to terms with what has happened. Ann was such a lovely person very much an English rose, we will all miss her very much. Our thoughts will be with you through your journey. XX

Joyce Mercieca-Leslie
(Got hired by Mrs Morsley at The Bay) Entered from Port Credit

My Condolences to your Family! I am so glad that I had met Mrs Morsley. She was a very sweet Lady and always had a smile when I spoke with her. May you rest in Peace.

Shazia Sarwary
(Hair Dresser) Entered from Mississauga

Dear Ann,
It was an absolute pleasure knowing you and doing your hair all these years. Your passing was very sudden and unexpected. My heartfelt condolences to your family. May you Rest in Peace, and may God give your family courage at a difficult time such as this.

Valerie Cite
(BOR member & friend) Entered from Mississauga

Dear Ann,
It was an absolute pleasure and an honour to have known you and to have served with you on the BOR. You were a ray of sunshine, your smile and your laugh will always stay with me.
My most deepest and heartfelt condolences to Ann's family and her friends. May Ann rest in peace and look after her loved ones from up above. God must have needed a special angel by his side… Always in my heart and prayers . . .

Patty O’Hearn
(Co-worker) Entered from Mississauga

I am very saddened to read of Ann's passing. I worked with her since March 2008, she was a very sweet and loving person. I will always have something to remember her by - she gave me a gift of a tea-towel with the map on it, I have it hung on my wall in my bedroom. I will remember her always. My thoughts and prayers to John, Alison and her siblings and other family members.

The Davies Family
(Sam, Morlene, Grace, David and Dana (Neighbours/Friends)) Entered from Mississauga, Ontario

Our Deepest Condolences to your family. May the peace that comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you and in the days ahead. May the Dear Lord comfort you in this difficult time and our thoughts and prayers are with you. You will be greatly missed Ann. your love and kindness and lovely smile will always be remembered. RIP

Sophie Aghazarian
(friend) Entered

My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. I will miss Ann very much.

Stephanie Morsley
(Daughter) Entered from Hamilton, Ontario

My mum was the best mum anybody could have asked for. She was always there for me no questions asked even when those times were really tough. She kept me always in her heart. She was always there to give advice. She was an excellent listener and she was also my best friend. I am going to miss my mum incredibly and to be honest, I don't know if I can get through this. She was the best and I loved her so much. What I have to keep near to my heart is that she is now my angel as well as to my sisters and my dad and she is with us at all times in our hearts and our souls. God bless my mom. You will be missed more than ever you would know. Xxoo

The Lodge Family
Family (Renee, Wayne, Denzel and Payton (Friends of the Family)) Entered from Pickering, Ontario

Ann, you are such a bright light to everyone who knows you. Always with a bright smile and a friendly welcome, you have touched everyone you have met and have left this world with a beautiful family who shares your beautiful light and makes the world a better place for each of us who know them. Thank you, Ann. The heavens will now shine brighter because of you and life will be darker for those left behind, but you will always be in our hearts.
Love, Renee, Wayne and the boys

John Morsley
(Loving Husband) Entered from Mississauga

It was love at first sight…and after a few months of courting, followed by a one-year engagement, Ann and I married March 31, 1962, at All Saint’s Church, Frindsbury. We were excited about our new adventure as a married couple and soon set sail for Canada April 10th, 1962 from Southampton, England. Our 7-day cruise on the Saxonia landed us on the shores of Quebec City, where we remained for two years and met some lovely friends. We then moved to Montreal where both Stephanie and Alison were both born. Soon after, we relocated a couple more times, to Thunderbay, then Nova Scotia where Adria was born. Eventually, we settled in Mississauga, Ontario where we had oh so much fun as a family of five, trips into the city, and picnics on weekends and enjoying lazy Sunday afternoons. Our journey together continued, as our children grew older. We both retired and spent our days running errands, having tea and completing crosswords together. Suddenly, my world as I knew it came to a halt one fateful afternoon. I hoped and prayed for a miracle for many days but you were taken from me too soon on Friday, February 19, 2016. You left me peacefully and embarked on your journey to a wonderful new place. Throughout our time together, we always kept in mind and said these words to each other which gave us the strength to cope during the good and the tough times: ‘Faith, Hope and Love’, with Love being the greatest gift of all. A lifetime I cherish with you, and I miss you my darling Ann.
Love always and for eternity,
John xxxxx

Jim Donahghy
(friend) Entered

May she rest in peace.

Judith Binger
(Cousin) Entered from Hastings, UK

My cousin Ann and I spent many happy childhood holidays together at her home in Wainscot, our grandparents and my home in Loose, or on caravan holidays with my mum, her Auntie Rosemary. She was my "big sister": we shared secrets, plotted, dressed up and had fun together. These memories and our shared love of our Grandparents and Uncles Bill and Don will always be dear to me. It was lovely to see her, John and Alison at our home in Hastings on her last visit to the UK. Although she was miles away, we remained close and I will miss her.

Bonnie West
(Friend) Entered from Ottawa

I first met Ann in Montreal in 1966 at Dominion Bridge, before either of us had children. She and John became good friends with Colin and me. We had the privilege of being Godparents to one each of our children. In recent years we were more apart than close, but she was always my oldest friend. The last time I saw Ann was at my husband's funeral. She was as lovely as ever. I recently moved to Ottawa and hoped she and John would come to visit. I will miss her.

Drucilla and Larry Singh
(Friend and associate) Entered from Brampton

My heart goes out to you and the family at this difficult time.

Barbara Van Wart
(Friend) Entered from Brampton, Ontario

One thing that I knew for sure is that Ann loved her family and whenever any one of them was mentioned it was always with pride and an all-encompassing smile on her face.
Ann was a friend who was a joy to meet up with at our annual "EBTC" dinners at the Mandarin and it goes without saying that she will be missed. Ann, you will always have a place in our hearts and at our table
To her family, you were blessed to have her and I am sure that her legacy of love, joy, respect and laughter is one that not only her family but also the rest of us are grateful for.
Rest in peace my friend.

Alex Gharibyan
(Family Friend) Entered from Canada

I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family!

Wendy Black
(friend) Entered from Caledon, Ontario

Ann hired me at Hudson's Bay back in 1996 and we immediately got on well together and she became a wonderful friend. We stayed in touch after we both left HBC and enjoyed yearly dinners together along with 5 other friends with whom we had worked. I know she always looked forward to our 'annual get-togethers' and spending time with us all. Rest in Peace, Ann. You will be sorely missed

John Kent
(Brother) Entered from Broadstairs, England

My sister Ann would not want anyone to leave this place in pain, in sorrow or feeling less than whole.
She would want to be remembered as the good and decent woman that she was; Who loved her husband
Loved her daughters
Loved her family in the UK
Loved her friends
Loved her profession and
Loved Life.
She would want us to remember the fun, happy, joyful, silly times that we shared with her.
She would want us to
And Laugh
The way we did when she was here.
When she died, she took a big piece of me with her. But I know that if she could see me now, she'd tell me to stop whining and get back to my life. So, I'm going to try my best. I'm going to remember everything about her, and I'm going to honour her whenever I can.
I hope you will do the same.
Thank you for being part of her life.
She loved each and every one of you.
May God bless you all.

Ed Sarmento
(friend) Entered from Niagara Falls

RIP will always be in my heart

Sherri Mizrachi and Annette Mizrachi
(Friend) Entered from Richmond Hill, Ontario

Dearest Adria, our deepest condolences on the sudden passing of your dear mother. May your many wonderful memories bring you and your family comfort at this difficult time. Such a wonderful woman took way too soon. Xoxo