I grew up in what was in the ‘50’s, 60’s a very small village - Wainscott, near Rochester, Kent, born and bred a Kentish Man. I remained in the area for some sixty-plus years during which time I met and married Maria a Spanish lass, she grew up in Nigran in Pontevedra. This region of Spain is popularly known as Galicia - which is particularly well known for its wide variety of seafood.
I retired in 1997 from the MoD, the Official Secrets Act prevents me from discussing the importantly diverse work, I and colleagues undertook on behalf of the Services.
I fancied a part-time job and joined the staff in an old folk’s home (80+ beds) helping the maintenance guy with odd jobs, taking the folks out in the home's mini-bus on shopping trips, theatre trips and outings to the coast etc. The 12 hours per week suited me perfectly, though I was soon working 30 hours a week – I had taken on the role of Staff Fire Training Officer coupled with other training and ancillary roles within the nursing home. So, 12 years on I felt it was time to retire altogether and go out with a bang, which I did on the 5th November 2010.